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    Tools Dialogs and SEAM

    Harry Holt Newbie

      The Tools dialogs for SEAM do not appear to integrate well with the project dialogs. I can use the "Preferences" -> Jboss Tools -> Seam dialog to manage Seam runtimes, but when I go into the project properties dialogs, it does not pick up the runtimes that are available.

      The "Runtime" drop box does not list the runtimes. I can open the "Installed Runtimes" from there, and see the runtimes there or add new ones, but they do not show up in the drop-down. If I delete a runtime, the project retains a setting for it and I cannot get rid of it (where is this information stored?).

      I get warnings about the runtimes not existing.

      Is there any way to clean this up? I have searched through the eclipse config files and cannot find references to the names??