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    Deploy Directory Name

    Krithinarayanan Newbie

      I am using Eclipse 3.2.1 with JBossAS-Tools-1.0.0.GA plugins, and jboss-4.2
      As required by my project specs, I have renamed my jboss's "default" folder as say "abc"

      I want to integrate my eclipse and jboss
      As I understood from the documentation, the first step is to create a jboss runtime under
      Preferences -> Server -> Installed Runtime -> Add -> Jboss -> Next
      Here I want to configure my Jboss HOME
      I am facing with the following problems:
      1. On selecting the Jboss Home, It expects "default" package. Is my deployment package configurable here ( ie, Can I say "abc" is my deployment package)
      2. Just as a test, I renamed deployment package as "default" and located it. It accepts the deployment package with the following errors. It expects to see servlet-api.jar, and jsp-api.jar under server/default/lib directory. I do not want to put web related jars in my application

      How to create the jboss Runtime with application specific deployment directory name?
      Is there any thing that I am missing in my configuration ?
      I tried searching in this forum with similar post and other FAQs, but unable to get any help.
      Please help

      - Krithi