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    Seam Web Project in JBossIDE


      Hello -

      the Seam forum on jboss.org is closed and I have not been able to login
      at seamframework.org so this i hope is the most appropriate alternative.

      The ~/WebContent/home.xhtml page generated with a new skeleton
      project created using new... Seam Web Project mentions the creation
      of an ant build file as part of the project. The projects I've built however
      do not feature a build.xml file.

      I am firstly wondering if anyone else is having a similar experience?

      If not then there is something i am not doing right or an incompatibility
      lurking somewhere. I've installed JBossIDE a few times using different
      methods, ie Eclipse software update, unzip into plugins etc, without
      success so far.

      Given the volume of artifacts and sub-projects present in a project built
      this way retro-fitting a build file would be a project in itself, especially if
      a .ear deployment is selected.

      Environment is WinXPsp2, jdk1.5.0_10

      Any guidence, information most appreciated.