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    Seam Generate Entities

    Op Sakiya Newbie

      Seam Generate Entities

      I'd like this take this opportunity to thank Max Andersen and the gangs at JBossWorld for hand-on lab. I was a Seam virgin there, but learn a lot from you guys. The lab was excellent, and everything works great.

      The problem I got here now is when I tried to adapt this and use my Oracle database. Using "Seam Generate Entity -> Reverse Engineer from Database" doesn't seem to work. I have like 100 tables in schema in the schema, and maybe they're causing the problem. The dialog box just sit there and got locked up after clicking Finish button. I wait for hours, but nothing changed or happened. I tried this in both Linux and Windows version, and they both seemed to stuck at the same place.

      If I may, I'd also like to suggest one thing in "Reverse Engineer from Database." It would be nice if we can pick and choose which tables and their dependend tables include instead of importing the entire schema.

      Thanks! :)