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    Is there a user guide?

    Chip Schoch Novice

      I have been using Eclipse 3.1 and the JBossIDE 1.6 for some time now and it has been woeking pretty good. Generally I use the remote debugging to debug my JBoss services, instead of running JBoss within Eclipse.

      The 1.6 version has a feature where you set up a deployer so that you can right click the archive and selct deploy to... This feature does not seem to be present in the JBoss Tools. When I go to the Preferences and try to select Deployer, under JBoss Tools, I get a dialog that says "The currently displayed page contains invalid values".

      Does this feature no longer work?

      Is there a definitive guide somewhere that gives a step-by-step explanation of how to configure Eclipse to debug JBoss services, including redeploying them?