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    Ant build file

    Akhil Maharaj Newbie

      Hi All ,

      I am newbie . I could get Jboss As 4.2.2 and Eclipse 3.3 integrated by auto update of Eclipse ( installing plugins for Eclipse - JBoss Tools).

      How do I know that Ant is installed in my system / . I have created build.xml and try to use Run As Ant build file .
      But I don't get that option. What is that I am missing . Any Help .....


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          Michael Price Newbie

          Knowing Ant is on your system -

          Make sure there is an ANT_HOME environment variable defined for the directory of where you installed ANT.

          Make sure that the path to the ANT bin directory is present in the path environment variable.

          Then on a command line type ant -version and it will tell you what version of ant you are running if everything is set up correctly.

          Hope this helps.