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    Using Subclipse with SeamGen'd projects

    Michael Price Newbie

      Is anybody using Subclipse with their SeamGen'd projects? Are there some files that shouldn't be checked in when the projects are initally checked in?

      Of course when I check the projects out on another machine some of the lib paths and Jre path don't match up so I just delete those and replace them appropriately but then subversion flags the project as being out of sync with the repository.

      Also I had a project get flagged as out of sync and I didn't know why. It turned out to be that a file - /.settings/org.jbosstools.jst.web.xml had changed. I know nothing about this file and I am not sure I want to update it to the repository. I looked at it and lot of entries were added to it for jar files with complete path specifications, i.e starting with F:/. So I imagine that would cause problems if I check it out on another machine that doesn't even have an F:.

      How would I even know what I should check in or not check in when I do the initial check in?