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    Automatically Deploying .rar from eclipse

    Kyle Neumeier Newbie

      I am working on a project where I will need to build several resource adapters to deploy on jboss. I am using eclipse 3.3 with the J2EE and JBoss tools plugins. I have been able to automatically deploy beans on the server by right clicking on the server and adding the bean project to the server, but I have not been able to deploy a connector project (i.e. resource adapter) in the same way, The resource adapter project appears in the "add and remove projects" dialogue box, and after I click "add", the project appears to have been added. However, when I open up the 'deploy' directory in Jboss, the rar file is not there. In order to deploy, I have to build a rar file and manually drag and drop it into the server.

      It looks like the J2EE plugins provided by eclipse do not allow this functionality either. Am I missing something, or can one really not automatically deploy resource adapters from eclipse?