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    JBoss Tools plugin with EclipseIDE doesnt show updated auto-

    Guillaume Jeudy Master


      I'm using richfaces 3.2.0 and found that I cannot select certain sort attributes in eclipseIDE/JBoss tools:

      sortable & sortExpression are the only available attributes on the rich:column using auto-completion in eclipseIDE.

      According to docs I should have sortable, sortBy, sortOrder available for rich:column.
      Moreover I cannot auto-complete sortMode on the rich:dataTable.

      According to richfaces developers they do not maintain XSD schemas but have an up-to-date TLD file.

      I have JBoss Tools 2.0.1.GA plugin installed and have been told that it might be an issue with the plugin. I really like the auto-completion it gives me for XML files configured with XSD namespaces.

      Any advice would be welcome,

      Thank you,