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    I don't see BPEL and Drools wizards under JBoss Tools

    Zaiwen Gong Newbie

      I am using the JEE version of Eclipse (eclipse-jee-europa-winter-win32.zip).

      Before moving to Jboss Tools, I have played with the individual Eclipse plug-in such as JBPM, BPEL and Drools. I installed each plug-in separately and have no problem with them.

      Then I moved to Jboss Tools. I downloaded JBossTools-2.0.1.GA-ALL-win32.zip, which is a bundle of all JBossTools plug-ins. But after I installed it, I only see JBPM is added by JBoss Tools. I don't see BPEL and Drools wizards under Jboss Tools.

      Not sure if I did anything wrong or is that how Jboss Tools supposed to be?
      Do I miss anything during the installation and configuration of Jboss Tools?

      Thanks a lot!