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    VPE of 2.1.0.CR1 on x86_64

    Ido Tamir Newbie

      Hi, I installed a new dl of x86_64.

      Then I updated with the given development update site link. Then I added the patches.

      But clicking a xhtml file i get:
      Bundle org.mozilla.xulrunner.gtk.linux.x86_64 is not found.


      Mozilla XPCOM For Java is there (I don't know if this is the Xulrunner)

      thanks a lot.

      some plugins: org.jboss.tools.jsf.vpe.adf (2.1.0.CR1) "ADF support for JBoss Visual Page Editor Plug-in" [Resolved] org.jboss.tools.jsf.vpe.ajax4jsf (2.1.0.CR1) "Ajax4jsf VPE Plug-in" [Starting] org.jboss.tools.jsf.vpe.facelets (2.1.0.CR1) "Facelets Plug-in" [Starting] org.jboss.tools.jsf.vpe.jsf (2.1.0.CR1) "JSF support for JBoss Visual Page Editor Plug-in" [Starting] org.jboss.tools.jsf.vpe.myfaces (2.1.0.CR1) "MyFaces support for JBoss Visual Page Editor Plug-in" [Starting] org.jboss.tools.jsf.vpe.richfaces (2.1.0.CR1) "Richfaces VPE Support Plug-in" [Starting] org.jboss.tools.jsf.vpe.seam (2.1.0.CR1) "Seam VPE support Plug-in" [Starting] org.jboss.tools.jsf.vpe.tomahawk (2.1.0.CR1) "Tomahawk VPE Support Plug-in" [Starting] org.jboss.tools.jst.firstrun (2.1.0.CR1) "JBoss AS Initialization Plug-in" [Active] org.jboss.tools.jst.jsp (2.1.0.CR1) "Jsp Editor Plug-in" [Active] org.jboss.tools.jst.server.jetty (2.1.0.CR1) "Jetty Generic Server Definition Plug-in" [Starting] org.jboss.tools.jst.server.jrun (2.1.0.CR1) "JRun Generic Server Definition Plug-in" [Starting] org.jboss.tools.jst.server.resin (2.1.0.CR1) "Resin Generic Server Definition Plug-in" [Starting] org.jboss.tools.jst.web (2.1.0.CR1) "Web" [Active] org.jboss.tools.jst.web.debug (2.1.0.CR1) "Web Debug" [Starting] org.jboss.tools.jst.web.debug.ui (2.1.0.CR1) "Web Debug UI" [Starting] org.jboss.tools.jst.web.tiles (2.1.0.CR1) "Web Tiles" [Active] org.jboss.tools.jst.web.tiles.ui (2.1.0.CR1) "JBoss Tools Tiles" [Starting] org.jboss.tools.jst.web.ui (2.1.0.CR1) "Web UI" [Active] org.jboss.tools.jst.web.verification (2.1.0.CR1) "WEB Verification" [Active] org.jboss.tools.seam.core (2.1.0.CR1) "Seam Core Plug-in" [Active] org.jboss.tools.seam.text.ext (2.1.0.CR1) "Seam Text Editors Extensions" [Starting] org.jboss.tools.seam.ui (2.1.0.CR1) "Seam GUI Tools" [Active] org.jboss.tools.seam.xml (2.1.0.CR1) "JBoss Tools Seam XML" [Active] org.jboss.tools.seam.xml.ui (2.1.0.CR1) "Seam XML" [Starting] org.jboss.tools.struts (2.0.0) "org.jboss.tools.struts" [Active] org.jboss.tools.struts.debug (2.1.0.CR1) "Red Hat Struts Debugger" [Starting] org.jboss.tools.struts.text.ext (2.1.0.CR1) "Struts Text Editors Extensions" [Starting] org.jboss.tools.struts.ui (2.1.0.CR1) "JBoss Tools Struts UI" [Active] org.jboss.tools.struts.validator.ui (2.1.0.CR1) "JBoss Tools Struts Validator" [Starting] org.jboss.tools.struts.verification (2.1.0.CR1) "Struts Verification" [Active] org.jboss.tools.struts.vpe.struts (2.1.0.CR1) "Struts support for JBoss Visual Page Editor Plug-in" [Resolved] org.jboss.tools.vpe (2.1.0.CR1) "Visual Page Editor" [Active] org.jboss.tools.vpe.html (2.1.0.CR1) "HTML support for JBoss Visual Page Editor Plug-in" [Starting] org.jboss.tools.vpe.jsp (2.1.0.CR1) "JSP support for JBoss Visual Page Editor Plug-in" [Starting] org.jboss.tools.vpe.ui.palette (2.1.0.CR1) "JBoss Tools Palette" [Starting] org.jboss.tools.vpe.xulrunner (2.1.0.CR1) "Browser (XULRunner) Plug-in" [Active] org.jbpm.gd.jpdl (3.1.3.CR1) "JBoss jBPM JPDL Designer Plug-in" [Starting] org.junit (3.8.2.v200706111738) "JUnit Testing Framework" [Resolved] org.junit4 (4.3.1) "JUnit Testing Framework Version 4" [Resolved] org.mortbay.jetty (5.1.11.v200706111724) "Jetty WebServer" [Resolved] org.mozilla.xpcom ( "Mozilla XPCOM For Java" [Resolved] org.uddi4j (2.0.5.v200706111329) "UDDI4J" [Resolved]

      I also have this on my computer, as the wiki said: