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    jboss tools not read for seam..

    Elhanan Maayan Newbie

      hi all..

      i'm in the process of converting the examples in seam directory to a seam project in jboss tools.

      so far i did the registration,messages and booking, i don't know to how contribute them (or where) but i would like to.

      so far what i did was to create a project with the wizard, then copy all the java source files into the ejb project part, all the xhtml files the web project, and distribute the various files (sometimes copying parts of them)to the files allready created

      the projects are configured with mysql
      to issues i've noticed, the messages project will fail with mysql as the read columns is reseverd keyword in mysql.
      i had to convet the messages.jsp to my facelets.xhtml file as there was no way i could find to seperate the faceslres stuff from the project, and if i start using faces jsp with facelets i get some sort of runtime exception in jboss about line one.

      also in the booking example, it kept comlaining how the authenticator componenet was allready defined (on the annotation of authenticatorAction), when i tried playing with the interface, it start to complain about there too, i then used recactor-rename on the interface, and the problems went away!!
      also when it did report the name duplication, it did so 8 times, (and sometimes 2 times in the error log).

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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

          elhananm - thanks for your feedback but I have a hard time following what problems you are seeing since you mix them up and/or does not provide enough detail for me to reproduce it.

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            Elhanan Maayan Newbie

            first of all i'm not sure exactly where the problem goes, is the a seam example problem, a jboss tools problem?

            if i use the seam example as is, it works (i think ,i need to be sure 100% so i haven't checked that yet)

            but as for the message seam example .. for example..

            after importing the files to the newly created project running it, i get an exception from jboss (in eclipse) about parsing the file.

            so i need to get some practice using the bug reporting tool (this will be my first time) so i how do i proceed?