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    Noob install/tutorial question

    Evan Dorn Newbie

      I've followed the instructions for installing the JBoss Eclipse IDE, (2.1.0 seems to be installed correctly in Eclipse 3.3) and am trying to work through http://docs.jboss.com/jbosside/tutorial/build/en/html/the.project.html, and I feel like an idiot: I am stuck trying to create a new application.

      The tutorial (which was written for JBoss-IDE 1.5) shows creating a new project with the wizard JBoss-IDE -> J2EE Projects -> J2EE 1.4 project. I don't have anything matching this. I have J2EE (containing Application Client Project, Connector Project, etc.) and JBoss Tools Web (containing JSF and Struts).

      So it seems to me that either:
      * I didn't get it installed correctly (but it appeared to work)
      * The tutorial is very badly out of date, and the tools now don't match the documentation.

      Either way, I can't figure out where to go from here. Software Updates -> Find and Install claims that there are no new versions to be found or had. What next?

      Advice much appreciated, thanks.