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    Update Multiple record to the database on one request.

    Anthony Yulo Newbie

      How do I make multiple records from a RichFaces table component, synchronized to the database.

      I have an Eclipse Jboss Seam Project (EAR).

      when I generate Entities from the table, the wizard generataes a MyTableEntityList.xhtml, MyTable bean, MyTableList.java, and MyTableHome.java.

      Now I edited MyTableEntityList.xhtml so that all of the columns on the table has a Rich Inplace Input(new in RichFaces 3.2).
      I am implementing a page allows for updates of multiple records on one Database table only.

      What I did was on the MytableList.java, i included a method called save()and binded it to command button. The method gets calls getResultsList().
      I assumed that when I get the resultsList, the framework will pick up the changes made on the Rich Inplace Inputs? (is this correct?)

      I then get the results to a List object and iterated it and cast it to a MyTableHome object.
      And then I issued a MyTableHome.update() method.

      Nothing happens. No error was on the screen. Checked the db, no update was made.