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    Stopping Jboss Server and Full Publish or Incremental Publis


      Hello all,

      Just a quick doubt, I am using Eclipse Europa with the newest release of Jboss Tools (JBossTools-2.1.2.GA-ALL-win32). I am using Jboss AS 4.2.2.GA for my application server. My projects are made using JBoss Seam 2.0.2.SP1.

      When I have a project deployed I have two problems. First a Full Publish and Incremental Publish don't seem to work. So I must stop the server and re-start it for each code change I've made. The other problem is when stopping the server if I stop it while in the JBoss Server View it takes a very very long time to stop. But if I stop it while in the Console it stops immediatly.

      So, my doubt is whether these are bugs in Jboss Tools, Jboss Server or something else.

      Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

      Darryl A. Sibeon

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          Stopping the server via the console view is the same as terminating the process. It's equivilent to kill -9 pid in a *nix environment. It does not properly shut down the server.

          Stopping via the view is where it actually requests the server to shut itself down properly... which naturally takes a bit longer.

          As for full publish, more details of your use case would be helpful. WTP / web / ear projects? single deployed files? project archives deployment? Which?

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            Thanks for the reply!! When you say properly shuts down the server, what's the difference between killing it and shutting it down properly? Memory leaks or something??

            We are deploying an Ear file, I just went to do a full publish to paste the stack trace for you and viola! it worked. Must have changed something from when it was giving me this problem till now. Oh well. Thanks for the reply.. if the problem with the full publish comes back I'll post it here.

            Darryl A. Sibeon