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    Adding Seam facet without spam

    diet ice Newbie


      I would love to use JBoss Tools to develop Seam applications but at the moment, when I add the Seam project facet, my project gets drowned in all kind of example / template spam (similar to what I would get if I would use seam-gen).

      I really appreciate the work that went into providing reasonable templates / defaults but I really don't like it - especially if the project already exists and I have to dig through various directories to remove the added files.

      So, could we please have a way that enables Seam support (as in code completion, component list, ...) without adding anything? I don't need any fancy wizards but this basic stuff would be great - and shouldn't depend on any mandatory project / directory structure (I'm using Maven so mine is a bit different ;))

      So please enable us to do this while you are at adding Eclipse 3.4 support.

      thanks a lot :)