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    JBossWS support in jboss tools

    Denny Xu Newbie

      JBoss tools has a new functionality to support JBossWS now, the function is based on the WTP web service creation wizard,
      defined a new web service runtime within WTP web service framework. There are two main steps to create a web service.

      Create Web project:

      fistly, you should create a new dynamic web project with the JBoss Web Service facet get installed.

      when you install the JBoss Web Servcie facet to the project, there are two types to configure project's jbossws runtime

      the server supplied runtime: if choose this one, you must make sure that the project has a jboss target runtime as primary runtime
      and the JBoss server already has JBossWS get installed. How to install JBossWS, please see.......

      users supplied runtime: in this case, you can select a runtime from the jbossws runtime list configured on JbossWs perference page, you
      also can configure a new JBossWS runtime if needed. By the way, when configure a JBossWS runtime and specify a JBossWS location, standalone JBossWS is not supported, you should select a JBoss server with JBossWs get installed

      Create Web Service:

      JBossWS tools support to generate JAX-WS code and does not generate Jax-rpc code. You can start from: New > Other > Web Service, in the first wizard page, change the Web Service runtime to JBossWS, the default is Axis(you also can change the default Web Service runtime to JBossWS in perference page: Perference > Web Services > Server and Runtime).
      JBossWS tools supports two ways to generate JAX-WS code: Top down and bottom up.

      Artifacts that will be generated:

      For top down web service type, implementation classes will be generated and the web.xml will be upated with the generated implementation classes once you enable the related checkbox on the wizard page.
      For bottom up Web service type, web.xml will be updated and a wsdl file will be generated if you enable the related options.