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    can't get rich:tree under Seam get displayed correctly

    Paolo Russian Newbie

      Hi there, I got a big issue implementing the richfaces tree component, in a seam+facelets environment.
      I've migrated lots of components to richfaces successfully, now I'm stuck at the tree. I'll try to make me clear:

      I have a mypage.xhtml file with my tags, bindings etc, then I have a main.xhtml page that act as a container for mypage.xhtml (ui:include etc..) and other pages of mine. main.xhtml relies on some fixed templates xhtml pages I provided.

      Requesting main.seam should make jboss mount and mix everything and show you the full html page.

      The issue is this: requesting b]mypage.[seam (this shouldn't be done, as this page is just a part of the page, a component) displays you the richface tree correctly, and lets you operate it by clicking the leafs etc. all seem normal

      While requesting the main.seam tears the tree css (not provided by me, some kind of realtime) apart so that you won't display it correctly, after some css tricks I've tried the most I've managed to do is a collapsed tree, where all the nodes are stacked one ontop the other, and when you expand one you get the child over the father with a fixed 3-4 pixel X offset.
      Plus, if I apply some css style to the tree nodes I can only marginally change the look of this thing, I always get a white div over (not under) each node and I cannot change the color of the zIndex of this div. Just the dimensions.

      If I remove (as in the examples) the css styling from tree and treenodes everything blows up and you won't se anything in final main.seam page

      I'm not a bean developer so I may misunderstood something in the tree usage, but I repeat that if you disable CSS (some mozilla addon lets you disable css) for main.page or request the component mypage.seam you will see this component. Wrong sizes and context, but you can operate and expand it. It means (I think) that the component is coded correctly, maybe I miss something else.
      Please tell me if this is a known bug of richfaces or seam, or whether I've to fixup the code (but really don't know where, maybe I need to override the realtime css merged when seam page is requested, since I never set up color or font, nor the graphics of the tree nodes and these are also crumbled up (some of them are white-on-white, mouseover makes them orange.. sometimes they're green... and I cannot override these colours must be some class providing this ).

      <a4j:outputPanel ajaxRendered="true" styleClass="panelGroup" >
      <rich:panel header="TreeView widget">
       <rich:tree styleClass="treeMain" overAllBackground="#FF0000" switchType="client" >
       <rich:treeNodesAdaptor var="#{binding....}" nodes="FAM: #{binding....}"
       <rich:treeNodesAdaptor roots="#{binding....}" var="#{binding....}" nodes="GIV: #{binding....}">
      </rich:panel >