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    Validate (Eclipse Seam Validator) problem

    Tim Evers Master

      I've noticed a small problem with the Seam Validator in the jboss Tools plugin.

      The problem occurs if you have an attribute on a class where the second letter of the attribute is a capital letter.


      private GekkoMoney aRP;

      Now according to java standards the getter for this property would be.
      public GekkoMoney getARP() {
       return aRP;

      Thus you would expect to reference the property in your xhtml EL expressions like this.

      The above el expression works but, the Seam Validator gives me this error when validating the expressions on the page.
      "ARP" cannot be resolved.

      It would seem that the EL resovler used when the page is running in the web app looks for the method getARP() which it finds. But the seam validator is looking for the property ARP which of course it doesn't find.

      Shouldn't the validation use the same technique to test if an EL expression is valid or not? It is rather annoying for the validation to say the expression is wrong when it is not wrong.