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    JBossTools crash Easy Eclipse

    Bruce Ingalls Newbie

      I've not had much luck with Eclipse JBossTools.
      This clear environment makes a good example:
      Clean install of EasyEclipse (no hidden eclipse directories, no workspace) with easy-jboss-ide-ejb3-aop-2.0.0.Beta2.tar.gz on Fedora Core 9, (yum updated, sun jdk 1.6.10)
      fails with this:

      [org.jboss.ide.eclipse.as.core.model.ModuleModel] Adding factory: org.jboss.ide.eclipse.as.core.ArchiveDeployer
      ~/./easyeclipse/jre/bin/java: symbol lookup error: ~/easyeclipse/configuration/org.eclipse.osgi/bundles/227/1/.cp/libswt-mozilla-gtk-3236.so: undefined symbol: _ZN4nsID5ParseEPKc

      Other Eclipse environments have other problems, except for the JBoss approved bundle for Windows at

      However switching to the same Eclipse version on Fedora 9 failed for me.

      Thanks for all your work, Bruce