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    Double ant build in JBoss Tools?

    Aaron Siri Newbie

      I created a Seam application via seam-gen and am editing it in Eclipse using the pre-configured project files. It is working great however every time I make an edit and save it two seemingly identical ant builds fire off one after the other.

      I also have JBoss Tools installed and am using the Seam tools from it but, as a test, I turned off the Seam builder and the double ant builds still happen (so it doesn't seem like the Seam tools are getting in the way.)

      Any idea why two ant builds are firing?


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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

          I think it is the .exploded build setup by seam-gen you are referring to - it have always happend but i'm actually not sure why it happens.

          best guess is that it is because you save a .java file and then the .class file is generated resulting in two builds...or because the build it self generates stuff into the exploded dir which then triggers another build again