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    JBoss tools

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      Currently, in JBoss tools, my deployment to tomcat is not working and I get exceptions with jar issues. I see that JBoss(or maybe it is wtp) sets the deployment directory to somewhere in .metadata, BUT when I go check that directory out, there is no WEB-INF\lib. There is only WEB-INF\classes. Where is the lib for the web application as I wanted to make sure the correct jars are deployed.

      In our project, we have these directories
      input/libexclude - jars that should not be deployed
      input/libinclude - jars that will be deployed to WEB-INF/lib
      input/webroot - Contains all the xhtml facelets files, css, and graphics

      I wanted(like in MyEclipse) to just tell JBoss tools these 4 directories or something but that does not seem to possible(you can do this in MyEclipse but just can't in tools).


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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

          We don't deploy inside .metadata so I assume you are using WTP's server adapters. Use our JBoss, a division of Red Hat AS adapters to get incremental deployment.

          Did you add those libs to the classpath ?

          If your project is WTP project you should be able to go to Java EE module dependencies and add the jars you want to be deployed into the web-inf/lib directory.