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    Do I really need Eclipse-WTP for JBossWS WebServices? Or is

    thoste Newbie

      Originally the Eclipse WebToolsPlatform WTP was designed to ease the handling of creation of web services.
      However the developer has still to setup WTP for a specific environment (Application Server, and WS technology). As a first example Apache Tomcat and Axis were implemented.

      JBossWS as a JAX-WS implementation does not use the structures of WTP.

      When I go in Eclipse to
      Preferences->Web Services->Server and Runtime

      I cannot set "JBossWS" as runtime.

      Instead JBoss offers their own plugin: JBossTools (formerly JBossIDE).

      So for what do I need WTP when I use JBossWS web services?

      What can I do with WTP what I cannot with JBossTools?