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    deploying seam project

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      We are currently porting from tomcat/MyEclipse combo which worked quite well with the first directory structure below and now we are trying to move to JBoss AS/JBoss Tools but it is not working out so well.

      MAIN GOAL: get the debug button to work that starts up JBoss and runs in debug mode and attaches the debugger so I don't have to attach it myself.

      We are using buildtemplate which has the following structure for every project regardless if jar, war, osgibundle or not(quite nice for changing projects and everything is in the same place still)....

       +--javasrc - where the *.java files are
       +--libexclude - where *.jar files not included in distribution are
       +--libinclude - where *.jar files that need to be packaged up are
       +--webroot - where the xhtml files are
       +--WEB-INF - everything that goes in WEB-INF EXCEPT libraries and class files which are in the above directories to be consistent with all other company projects(jar, war, osgi bundle projects). Basically, this is just seam/JSF config files!!!

      Since we could never get seam to work as a war in JBoss that depended on an external ejb3 jar file, we modified it to build an ear like so(which we do have working in JBoss via ant build).....

       +--javasrc - where the *.java files are
       +--libexclude - where *.jar files not included in distribution are
       +-- ear - where *.jar files that go in <root> of ear file go
       +-- lib - where *.jar files that go in <root>/lib of ear go
       +-- war - where *.jar files that go in WEB-INF/lib go
       +--webroot - where the xhtml files are

      I have an external xcore3.jar(my EJB3 jar file with entity beans) that is deployed outside the ear in the deploy directory. when I try to mount this project with JBoss Tools, I add seam facet in the properties and then I seem to have to add the JSF capabilities BUT it only asks me for one location of libraries when there seem to be 3 locations above for an ear deployment. I fill in libinclude as the directory which would include everything. Also, it builds a war file instead of an ear even though I chose ear on the seam project. Does anyone have any instructions on how to mount this with JBoss tools so I can just click the debug button?

      Is there any hope of getting this to work in JBoss tools and JBoss AS or should I move back to MyEclipse/Tomcat combo which was working quite nicely. In fact, it seams we have to write way more code in JBoss with having to code up every local interface for every bean which is very annoying and we did not need to do in tomcat but that is another story.

      Any ideas on how to make this move?
      Dean Hiller

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          The question about having seam to work in war with ejb3 jar file should be for the seam forum (if it really was a ejb3 jar file then you would also need interfaces on tomcat so i assume something else is up)

          Sounds to me you would like complete freedom over what get packaged - have you tried project archives ? It allows you to define packaging just like you want it. WTP projects does not work with "mixed deployment" projects, project archives does.

          about the EAR/WAR option in Seam that is used to know which kind of libs you need; and it does create a EAR if you use the Seam project wizard.