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    DB inheritance mapping

    Ivan Pazmino Newbie


      I have a table that holds general fields, representing a generalization, and two holding specific fields, as they are specializations.

      Mapping these entitites I wish to have the following class hierarchy

      abstract class Person {
       private String firstname;
       private String lastname;
       //getters & setters
      class User extends Person {
       private String username;
       private String password;
       //getters & setters
      class Visitor extends Person {
       private Date visitDate;
       //getters & setters

      To achieve this, I need to put the following directives in the mapping descriptor for hibernate.

      <class name="Payment" table="PAYMENT">
       <id name="id" type="long" column="PAYMENT_ID">
       <generator class="native"/>
       <property name="amount" column="AMOUNT"/>
       <joined-subclass name="CreditCardPayment" table="CREDIT_PAYMENT">
       <key column="PAYMENT_ID"/>
       <property name="creditCardType" column="CCTYPE"/>

      How can I modify the reveng.xml file, so that i can have this configuration done when I generate the entities with the Hibernate Code Generator from JBossTools?

      Thanks in advance