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    JBoss Tools 2.1.2 Install


      I realize that most people are concerned with trying out the nightly builds/etc but some of us are more interested in "stability"...

      Is there any "one stop shopping" on what to download to support JBoss Tools 2.1.2? I'm looking mostly for the "best" WTP "All in one" download to use.

      I also have seen mention in a few places (but nowhere EASY TO FIND) about needing to install a custom WTP patch if using WTP 2.0.2. Is this patch still needed if using WTP 2.0.3? Is WTP 2.0.3 even advisable to use?

      Right now the best list I can come up with (since there is no EASY TO FIND documentation of this) for what should be the best starting place to work with JBoss Tools is:

      Eclipse WTP 2.0.2 "All in One" - eclipse-jee-europa-winter-2.0.2-win32.zip
      Custom WTP patch - wtp-P-P20080506003122-20080506003122.zip
      JBoss Tools 2.1.2 - JBossTools-2.1.2.GA-ALL-win32.zip

      If there is a better list of software to start with it would be nice to know. The absence of mention about the patch unless you dig around in forum posts or old blog entries is probably the biggest issue.