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    Development deployment, project jar not copied in EAR /lib (

    Manuel Sanchez Newbie


      Using jboss tools 3.0Beta1, eclipse 3.4., AS 4.2.2.
      I create a simple EAR 5 project. And a new Utility project that i included in the ear. I check deploy in lib, to be shared by all modules. Also i add an external jar to the ear project, also i check to deploy in lib.

      Very easy, then if i export the project, the .ear (only a file)is created like this:
      ->lib->somejar.jar, utiliy.jar

      As expected.

      But if i'm developing and i deploy on the server, the exploded deployment is

      So the utility.jar, created from the project is not installed inside /lib. The ear is invalid!!!.

      Some ideas? It seems so silly that i can not understand why this is happening, it's a bug?

      Thanks in advance!