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    In Eclipse Editor, Holding CTRL key while hovering over java

    Wes Gibbs Newbie

      I have a .XHTML file open in my Eclipse Java IDE editor.

      I hold the CTRL key down while I hover over the value within the suggestionAction attribute,
      specifically the "eventManager" text, example below:

      <rich:suggestionbox id="eventSuggestions" suggestionAction="#{eventManager.getEventNameSuggestion}">

      After I do this, a line appears beneath this entire bit of text: "eventManager.getEventNameSuggestion"
      and when I click it, it shows the text in red font at the bottom of my window: "Current text selection does not resolve to a file" at the bottom of the screen, it does not link me to the respective Java file. A coworker of mine does the same action but within her IDE it only underlines the text "eventManager" and when she clicks at that time it does direct her to the appropriate
      java file.

      When I hover over the value within the template attribute below:
      <s:decorate id="eventNameDecorate" emplate="/layout/forms/edit.xhtml">

      the underline appears and it does redirect me to the respective xhtml file. It appears to work when I hold the CTRL key and hover over any values in a directory type format but not for values in a format of <java instance name>.<method name>

      Any advice or help is appreciated, Thank you in advance,
      Wes Gibbs at gibbs_wesley@bah.com