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    How to create an Oracle connection profile for a Seam projec

    Tong Wang Newbie

      My setup is Eclipse 3.3 and JBossTools 2.1.2GA. When creating a new Seam web project, on the Seam Facet dialog, I selected Oracle 10g for database type, then clicking "New" for connection profile. In the "New Connection Profile" list that pops up, I don't see an Oracle connection profile, there are MySQL, SQL, Postgre, etc. Should an Oracle connection profile be listed here?

      Then, I have to select the Generic JDBC Connection. Next, I give a name to the profile; next, it asks to select a driver from the drop-down, but the drop-down is empty; so I clicked the "..." button next to the drop-down, the Driver Definitions popup shows and from the list of available driver definitions, I select Oracle 10 (the OK button at the bottom remains disabled); then I click Add, the New Driver Definition dialog pops up, but no matter what name I type in, the OK button at the bottom of that popup remains disabled.

      I am really confused and wondering how exactly to configure an Oracle connection profile when creating a new Seam project. Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated.