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    JBoss Tools JSF/Add Custom Capabilities/JBoss RichFaces3.1 h

    Bruce Link Newbie

      I am running Eclipse 3.4.1 with JBoss tools 3 latest daily (Updated Nov 16/08).

      I created a JSF project and tried to add RichFaces Libraries.

      1st attempt, adding RichFaces 3.2.2.SR1 with Configure Build Path. Added the RichFaces jars as external jars under libraries tab of Java Build path. The libraries appeared as referenced libraries, but not under Web App Libraries in the package explorer. When I ran the app, the uri for richfaces could not be found, so the jars did not make it into the application.

      2nd attempt. I discovered right clicking on the project in the Web Project explorer had a JBoss Tools JSF/Add Custom Capabilities. I tried using this and selecting JBoss RichFaces3.1 (since I was not that picky about the version). The entire IDE hung.

      How are we supposed to add RichFaces to a JSF Project? Is there any way to use 3.2.2.SR1?