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    JBoss Tools Beta

    John Ament Master


      So I'm posting here on the urging of Jbosstools on Twitter

      At their recommendation I tried the tools one more time. I am using ganymede and have been for a while.

      I'll start with my environment

      HP Pavilion tx 1000 AMD Turion 64 bit processor 2.1 ghz total. 2 gb ram.
      OpenSuSe 11 installed w/ x86_64
      Hotspot JVM (java 6)

      I'm up to date on all patches and in general have no issues with day to day operation on the laptop (though I do seem to find a random codec every now and then that doesn't work properly).

      So here's my issue

      I'm attempting to run JBoss Tools on top of my existing eclipse ganymede install. For VPE, I get the message "The VPE editor can't be run because your system environment needs to be changed slightly." I have verified that compat-libstdc++ is installed:

      $> rpm -qa | grep compat-libstdc

      I have a feeling it has to do with this error (from Error Log view)
      Bundle org.mozilla.xulrunner.gtk.linux.x86_64 is not found.

      So, is there a separate install for XULRunner for x86_64 environments?

      Second, I am working with a seam project. The different scoped beans don't appear properly in the Seam Components folder. No error or anything.