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    JDK 5 or 6 with JBoss AS 5, eclipse ganymede, JBoss tools 3

    Bruce Link Newbie

      Now that JBoss AS 5 is finally out, the question arises which JDK to use with it. JBoss AS 5.0.0.GA seems to come in two versions, using JDK 5 or 6. JBoss Developer Studio 1 required JDK 5.

      Sun has move JDK 5 into the sunset, even though it is the reference JDK for Java EE 5. Presumably at some point we will need to move to JDK 6.

      What is the recommendation from the JBoss Tools standpoint? Is JBoss tools 3 (on top of Ganymede and with Seam, etc.) intended to work with JDK 6? Is there a different answer for JBoss Developer Studio 2?

      I have been testing it with JDK5 and have not tried it with 6, since there were issues earlier.