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    How to do exploded deployment?

    Margot Media Newbie


      I'm under the impression that it is possible to do exploded deployment with JBoss Tools on a JBoss server (at least I think I read that somewhere) but I can't find out how to do this for the sake of my life.

      I'm using Eclipse 3.4.1 with the latest WTP & JBoss Tools updates applied (WTP v3.0.3 & JBossAS Tools 2.0.0.Beta1).

      Could you please give me a hint where I am supposed to configure this and which package I have to install (I'm using http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools/updates/development ).

      Any help would be really appreciated since without this feature developing EAR projects is just a waste of time because WTP insists on recreating & redeploying the whole EAR project upon every little change within an xhtml file.

      Also I would like to hear how others can live with WTP if you have to do EAR projects since there has to be a trick because the current situation is just laughable (I should mention that I also have to use Maven (integrated via m2eclipse plugin) to build the project on command line / in the continuous integration server, so using only Eclipse is no option).

      Thanks a lot in advance for any help!

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          Rob Stryker Master

          The JBossTools server adapter for webtools does exploded deployment by default. In fact, there's no way to make it do zipped deployment without using the "project archives" view.

          Make sure your server is of the "JBoss, a division of Red Hat" type and not just "JBoss". The "JBoss" one is contributed by webtools, not by us, and that one has to re-zip everything each adn every time.

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            Paul Keogh Newbie

            I have exactly the same requirement and followed the instructions below. However, the EAR will not deploy onto the exploded configuration. When I select the project and click "Full Publish", the "Publishing to JBoss" breifly flickers but nothing is changed under the deploy directory.

            Any suggestions ?

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              Max Rydahl Andersen Master

              What version are you using ?

              The latest version of JBT publishes by default into a seperate deploy directory to avoid pollution of your AS install.

              You can see the directory if you double click the server.

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                Paul Keogh Newbie

                I am using Eclipse 3.4.1 and JBoss AS Tools 2.0.0 GA.

                The default publishing is as you say to a separate deploy directory under the Eclipse .pluging directory. When I make an incremental change (eg. to a .xhtml file), the change is published successfully.

                However, when I switch to publishing to the JBoss deploy folder, the incremental change does not appear.

                Do I need to configure something on the server to allow incremental publishing ?

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                  Paul Keogh Newbie

                  I got it working by rebuilding my dev. environment.

                  * Downloaded and installed the current Eclipse IDE JEE distro (3.4.1)
                  * Downloaded and installed JBoss Tools 3 CR1 from the update sites (I had to uncheck the JBoss Birt option before the install would work)
                  * Restarted

                  Incremental publishing to the JBoss deploy folder is now working correctly.

                  Thanks for the help.