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    Eclipse help has no JBT help

    Bruce Link Newbie

      Sorry if this is already in JIRA, I looked and could not find. I know there is a lot of activity getting the functionality in, but the documentation is really important in terms of usability. Easily finding the documentation is as important as having it.

      Documentation has grown since JBDS 1, but I still find nothing under the Eclipse help.
      My Help Contents:

      Workbench User Guide
      Java development user guide
      Plug-in Development Environment Guide
      BIRT Report Developer Guide
      C/C++ Development User Guide
      Dali Java Persistence Tools User Guide
      Hibernate Developer Guide
      Javascript Development Toolkit User Guide
      JavaServer Faces Tooling User Guide
      Monitoring and profiling applications
      RSE User Guide
      Testing applications
      Usage Data Collector
      Web Tools Platform User Guide
      Working with the Agent Controller

      Second point, the documentation is mostly fragmented based on the individual plugins (that is how the JIRA items are categorized as well). The only overall documentation seems to be the Getting Started Guide. It would be nice to one unified document at a deeper level than the getting started guide.

      Third point, If I have downloaded JBDS or installed JBT, or if I am sitting down at a machine that has it and open eclipse, I would tend to go to the elipse help to find docs or tutorials on how to use the features. With eclipse, there is always potential confusion between multiple plugins that seem to address similar tasks. For example, what do I use for JPA? Dali, Hibernate, something built into Seam? It would be nice if the use cases applicable to JBT/JBDS were clearly described along with corresponding tool usage.

      Working through a nontrivial example using all of the tools would also be good, for example the Seam booking example from scratch (if this is already there, sorry).

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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

          We want to include them but have not had any time polishing it off to not create a huge download.

          Currently we just include the "normal" eclipse docs.

          It is deliberately we have separated reference guides since the plugins are available for individual download.

          We try and extend the overall guide, but right know it does actually walk you through most of the Seam related features so not sure which parts you are missing ? (besides a full walkthrough example based on existing Seam docs ?)

          About Dali, Hibernate, etc. not sure what you want besides us describing what we support work with ? Do you want us to say NOT to use Dali even though it is usable in other scenarioes etc. ?

          p.s. thanks for input on docs - like to figure out which parts you are missing in more specifcs ;)