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    Error installing JBOSS tools in Eclipse

    Alyssa Kay Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      I am trying to add the JBoss tools plugin into eclipse (version 3.3.1).

      I'm following the instuctions (below) from the URL - http://www.jboss.org/community/docs/DOC-10044.
      However an error appears when i try to install the feature: SeamTools Feature (2.1.2.GA) requires feature "org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.feature" in addition to org.eclipse.jst.server.core, org.eclipse.wst.common.project.facet.core and org.eclipse.jst. I've searched the web and haven't been able to find them. If you could help I would appreciate your response. Thanks!

      To use JBoss Tools with Eclipse 3.3, start Eclipse, then do the following:

      Help > Software Updates > Find and Install... > Search for new features to install (radio button) > Next

      New Remote Site... (button)

      Enter this information:
      Name: JBoss Tools Update Site
      URL: http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools/updates/stable
      Click Finish
      When the search completes, check the option JBoss Tools Stable Updates and advance through the rest of the wizard
      Go get coffee while the plugins download
      Click Install All when the download completes. Accept the licenses and restart Eclipse when prompted.

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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

          These are Eclipse WTP plugins. They should be included automatically if you have the updatesite for WTP added to your eclipse (you might need to expand the updatesite in the ui to get the updatemanager to pick them up)

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            Nick Boldt Master

            Confirmed. In Eclipse 3.3, Update Manager will only search update sites which are listed AND EXPANDED. This is a known issue.

            Solution, if using Eclipse 3.3 -- expand all sites you will need to search (in particular the Europa & Web Tools sites).

            Alternate solution: use Eclipse 3.4.1, where this bug no longer exists, then grab JBoss Tools 3.0.0.CR1.

            By the way, if you're not ready to step up to Eclipse 3.4.1, there's an Eclipse 3.3.2 you might want to use instead of 3.3.1, which includes numerous bug fixes.