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    Hibernate Code Generation

    uday kumar Newbie

      I wanted to use Hibernate code generation using reverse engineering. I know Java and JDBC but fairly new to Eclipse and Hibernate.

      Setup - Eclipse 3.4 , MySql5.1 (Database)

      Downloaded the plugins from http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools/updates/nightly/trunk/ 2 days back.
      (From one of the forums I found stable JBoss Tools realease for only Eclipse 3.3)

      With the help of document provided by the JBOSS team http://docs.jboss.org/tools/3.0.0.CR1/en/hibernatetools/html_single/index.html
      As described in the section of 4.5. Reverse Engineering and Code Generation, Opened Hibernate Code Generation Dialog...

      In the main tab selected the checkbox "Reverse Engg from JDBC" apart from what specified in the screen shot in Fig 4.11

      and in the Exporters tab selected 1.Domain Code, 2. Hibernate XML Mappings, 3. DAO Code, 4. Hibernate XML configuration

      but didn't specify any exporter properties and tried running it. I expected it generates the above selected files. But in turn it opened "Hibernate Reverse Engg Editor" as in Figure 4.21 and generated only reveng.xml

      I could see the database connection is successful and can see the schema and tables also.

      MySQL driver and Hibernate3 are there in the classpath. And from project properties Hibernate has been selected successfully.

      Can you any one please let me know where I'm missing do I need to do any thing else.

      Regarding documentation :
      JSF Tools Reference Guide(html) (html single) (pdf)
      JSF Tools Tutorial(html) (html single) (pdf)

      Struts Tools Reference Guide(html) (html single) (pdf)
      Struts Tools Tutorial(html) (html single) (pdf)

      Hibernate Tools Reference Guide(html) (html single) (pdf)
      (Don't see Tutorial like JSF, Struts) Please let me any tutorial is there. Did see some turorials in eclipse help but wanted to see tutorial based the what we did with the help of Reference Guide.

      Thanks a lot in advance.