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    unable to run server in eclipse 3.2.1

    sandeep rao Newbie

      hi everybody,,im very new to jboss..i really strugled for few days to install jboss in my system even though i go through internet.im a student..i was given a project to study jboss and work on it..but in every stage im finding problems..im extremely sorry if my questions irritates u..
      i installed jboss-4.2.2.GA and eclipse3.2.1 in my system.wen i want to add a new server in eclipse it is showing only two servers jboss3.2 and 4.0.
      but not the one i have,even though i moved next and it is asking to locate the "your application server directory"..when i locate it to my jboss home..it is displaying invalid

      I downloaded the JBossAS Tools version 1.1.2.GA.(because JBossAS tools is just 2.74 MB but the whole package is 60 MB).

      But still i am not getting the JBoss 4.2 server option when i try to create a new server. Is is so that eclipse 3.2 dose not support JBoss 4.2. It only supports upto JBoss 4.0. Is there any other way to add the server in eclipse.

      Please guide me on these lines...already i found these type of question in google,,but i did not traced any solution with that.... please help me and thank u a lot in advance