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    Problem with JBoss Tools Runtime 4.2 and JWS Client

    Kamil Demecki Novice


      I have JBoss Tools 3.0.CR2 and created ear with ejb-module with webservices annotations (so I deploy jws serwice in ear).

      When I create jws-client as ejb-module JBoss Tools adds all libraries also jaxws-rt.jar
      jaxws-tools.jar. These libraries cause problem descirbed example here http://www.jboss.com/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=132890

      Problem is deaper because even I set handy classpath to jws-client.jar, I have transitive dependencies from yyy.jar with JBoss runtime.

      1. xxx.ear depend: yyy.jar

      This cause addding JBoss Runtime to yyy.jar because is packed to ear

      2. jws-client.jar also depend yyy.jar
      yyy.jar has JBoss Runtime depencecy (see step 1) and it goes transitive to jws-client.jar

      Please point some solution.