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    where is the launch configuration

    hgh hghjgf Newbie

      i have
      eclipse 3.4.2+JbossAS tools 2.0.0.GA-R200903031330-H8+Jboss EnterprisePlatform-4.3.0.GA.

      i followed the instructions here:

      up to the point where it says:

      "Figure 3.15. XPath Pattern for a Server Port

      The settings related to Publishing , Timeouts or Server Polling can be also adjusted in the Server editor.

      Server editor makes it also possible to modify the server's launch configuration. It's just after clicking Open launch configuration link. In the open window there are the tabs for setting command line arguments and other things that are relevant to launching the server."

      but i can't see the "launch configuration link". it is just not there. i would attach a picture of the UI if i knew how to attach pictures. i know exactly where that link is, because i used a old version of the jboss tools before. but after i update, the link is gone.

      is it a bug? how do i work around it? i need to add some additional path to the jboss start up classpath. thanks.