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    ajax problem

    Fabrice Kocher Newbie


      I try to reRender a before never called xhtml site with the form <a4j:form id="product">. But i'm gonna receive always this error 'Target component for id product not found'.

      <rich:panelMenuGroup label="product">
       <c:forEach items="#{testBean.allproduct}" var="product">
       <rich:panelMenuItem label="#{product.name}"

      If i do the redirect over pages.xml (action="productmenu") it works fine, but the whole site is rendered again and that means that my navigation with the open panelMenuGroup and several panelMenuItem is rendered again, too. And then this open panelMenuGroup is closing. quite unlovely.

      <rule if-outcome="productmenu">
       <redirect view-id="/product/product.xhtml" />

      Has anyone an idea to solve this problem?

      Thanks in advance for your help.