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    Seam Generate Entities should be more flexible

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      I just ran Seam Generate Entities Wizard for the workshop demo app.

      I noticed that it essentially executes the 'seam generate' command which is described as follows in the seamfp\seam-gen\readme.txt :

       Generate CRUD pages and controllers for an existing database
       schema. Combines the generate-model and generate-ui commands to
       create the JPA entity classes and then the pages and controllers
       that allow them to be managed.

      What if the developer doesn't need the UI components to be generated and only wants to exec 'seam generate-model'? There is no way to do that in the wizard AFAIK.

      For projects that are using their own custom DAO layer, for example, the generate and generate-ui tasks are not required and will not be used.