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    No jBPM Locations in JBoss IDE

      I installed the eclipse/tools bundle and fired up the "Create jBPM Process Project" that sits front-and-center on the Welcome page. The second page asks me for the location of a jBPM runtime. There are none listed and how would I know where the install put this?

      The browse button let's you choose a folder but it shows no files (what's up with that?) so you have to browse manually anyway to find files that might contain the jBPM runtime. The wizard complains jbpm-jpdl.jar in seamfp/lib is not valid. It complains that jbpm-3.1.4.jar in seam/lib is invalid.

      Any ideas on what I should put in the "Configure JBoss jBPM Runtime" location?


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          You can find it described in the docs at http://docs.jboss.org/tools/3.0.0.CR2/en/jboss_jbpm_ref_guide/html_single/index.html#jboss_jbpm_runtime_installation

          The jbpm in Seam is just the single jar and not the complete runtime the plugin needs to get its templates. You find a runtime at jbpm.org or in JBoss SOA-P.

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            Thanks for the rapid reply which is has always been one of JBoss' best qualities. Problem solved and I will definitely RTFM for JBoss Tools. My suggestion is a little help blurb on the wizard page about the separate run-time to improve the first-time experience. Especially since it's on the Welcome page and a lot of folks will click the Seam Process Project icon.

            I created a Process Project after installing and referencing jbpm-3.2.6, but the build fails. Eclipse complains there's no /jboss-3.2.6/lib/activation.jar in that run-time. Suggestions?

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              huh ? Sounds like you are creating a JBoss AS 3 runtime and pointing to jbpm 3.2.6 ...you should go to preferences and setup the jbpm runtime - not AS :)

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                I am creating a new Preferences-> jBPM -> Process Project. It's the same wizard you get when accessing via Welcome -> Create New -> Create Seam Project -> Create jBPM Process Project.

                Under Window-> Preferences -> jBPM I am adding a new jBPM runtime. In my case jbpm-3.2.6. It's lib directory has Hibernate, jbpm-jpdl.jar and such. The project wizard happily accepts the install folder for that runtime as valid and it's definitely actively checking.

                So, the only problem seems to be a dependency in the jBPM Process Project on the missing Activation.jar, that causes the project build to fail.

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                  I think you are saying jPBM is not the jBPM runtime but an AS bundle? It's accepted by the wizard, however, as valid. Regardless, I'm going to install 3.2.2 from the link provided in the tools documentation and try that.