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    visual HQL constructor tool?

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      Does JBoss Tools 3.x have a tool that will allow you to do this:

      see a view with all of your entity classes

      select multiple entity classes in this diagram/view to form the basis of a HQL select statement

      automatically create the HQL and dump it in the HQL editor (assuming Hibernate console is setup).

      And you go from there. For example, I have this native query I'm trying to "reverse engineer" to HQL. It would be nice to have the above tool:

      select er.equipmentRepairId,
       sum(erc.cost) as Cost
       from Equipment as e
       inner join EquipmentRepair as er on er.equipmentId = e.equipmentId
       left outer join EquipmentRepairCost as erc on er.equipmentRepairId = erc.equipmentRepairId
       left outer join DropDownValue as ddv on er.equipmentRepairTypeCode = ddv.code
       left outer join DropDown as dd on dd.listId = ddv.listId
       where e.serialNumber = :serialNumber and
       dd.listName = :repairTypeDropDown
       group by er.equipmentRepairId,