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    Sessionfactory error on EJB project

    Fabricio Lemos Newbie


      I need help to make Hibernate Tools work for an EJB project (a Seam EJB module).

      I did not create the project with any wizard, so I went to Hibernate Configurations View and added a Configuration.

      The Configuration and Database nodes seen to work fine: I can see the entities and data tables, but Session Factory node shows "Sessionfactory error: The chosen transaction strategy requires access to the JTA TransactionManager".

      And I when I try to run any with HQL Editor it shows "Do you want to open the session factory for hibernate?" and nothing else happens wither I click yes or no.

      thanks in advance,
      Fabricio Lemos

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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

          What are you using to configure hibernate ? a cfg.xml or persistence.xml ?

          Most likely you got it configured to use JTA which is not available when running inside Eclipse.

          The simplest workaround for this is to not use such config from within eclipse. You can still keep using your config files and just have a single properties file to override any JTA/Server specific settings.

          Try create a seam project and see the hibernatetools-console.properties that generated there and associated with the hibernate console configuration - it should do the trick.