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    <a4j:support> broken in 3.2.0 ????

    Nicolas Parfait Newbie

      I tried the richfaces-demo-3.2.0.CR7.war onto my appserver.
      when I go to the ajax support (<a4j:support>) component the demo doesn't work. As i enter text into the text box the output label is not updated unless i click enter. This works however on the 3.1.4.GA demo.

      I am running
      glassfish V2 build b58g-fcs
      and using jsf (mojarra-1.2_08-b06-FCS)

      Also if i try and view the Rich Input -> Combo box I get an error
      "Cant instantiate class: org.richfaces.demo.capitals.CapitalsBean."

      This also happens on CR5 as well.