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    Struts Tools v3.0.0.GA Tutorial Problem

    Gary Inri Newbie

      Using Struts Tools component of JBoss Tools 3.0.0.GA with Eclipse 3.4.2.


      I am new to Struts and was going through the tutorial found in the JBoss Tools Guides found here. (http://docs.jboss.org/tools/3.0.0.GA/)

      I could not get the sample application from the tutorial to work properly (I kept getting a blank page as the result) until I changed the value of the property attribute for the write bean from "greetName" to "name". (Pages 17-18 of the PDF.)

      It now looks like this and seems to work properly.
      <bean:write name="GetNameForm" property="name"/>

      The tutorial indicates:
      <bean:write name="GetNameForm" property="greetName"/>

      Was this a typo in the tutorial or could I have possibly messed up something someplace else which caused me to make this change in order to get the sample to work?

      Thank you.