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    PanelMenu, PanelMenuItem, PanelMenuGroup with ui:repeat or a

    Carlos Delfino Newbie

      Hi, my name is Carlos Delfino, I am new in RichFaces and too JSF, I think this frameworks is The way for best work on web, and thanks to All RichFaces programers for this Work.

      I need make a Dynamic Menu, and use this code for create the menu, but the rich:panelMenu and rich:panelMenuGroup only permit childents same type with panelMenuGroup or panelMenuItem, and I need use ui:repeat or a4j:repeat for construct my MenuGroups and MenuItens, like the example:

      <rich:panelMenu bind="#{menuManager.panelMenu}" mode="ajax" iconExpandedGroup="disc" iconCollapsedGroup="disc" iconExpandedTopGroup="chevronUp" iconGroupTopPosition="right" iconCollapsedTopGroup="chevronDown" iconCollapsedTopPosition="right" disabled="!#{menuManager.principalPanelMenuEnabled}">
       <ui:repeat value="#{menuManager.principalPanelMenuGroups}" var="group">
       <ui:repeat value="#{group.itens}" var="item">
       <f:param name="group" value="#{group.name}" />

      I'm use RichFaces 3.1.4.

      have other Way for make this.