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    Why two server names?

    Ondrej Medek Apprentice

      Hi, I have also noticed that in my org.eclipse.wst.server.core/server.xml I have entries sometimes entries like

      <server hostname="localhost" id="JBoss 5.0 Standart Server" name="JBoss 5.0 Standart localhost" ...

      Note the different values for the server "id" and server "name". Is it right? I think it is from older (beta) release of the 3.0 tools. Now, when I make a new JBoss server, it has the "id" and "name" attributes with the same value. Anyway, the "New JBoss wizard" asks me twice to enter the "Server name", but only the secondly entered name appears in the server.xml as the value of the attributes "id" and "name". Is there any reason, why the wizard asks twice for the "Server name" ?