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    Initial Support for custom facelt tags was added to Jboss Vi

    Maxim Areshkau Apprentice

      Initial Facelets Custom Tags Support was added to Jboss Visual Page Editor

      In scope of this task was already done following features:

      Rendering custom facelets tag in Visual Page Editor, which have following definition
      Visual Page Editor automatically detect custom tag definition in web.xml
      Visual Page Editor Processes Attributes which was specified in custom tags
      OpenOn functionality from Visual Part of VPE, from source part this functionality doesn't realsed yet :)

      Features which planed to do:

      OpenOn functionality from source part of VPE
      Content assistent for tags which defined like custom definition library
      Wizard which allows to add custom facelets support to web project, adds neccery libs, facelets.LIBRARIES param to web.xml, and some custom library in project
      Wizard which allows to add custom template in tld definition library
      Support for custom tags which defined in jar files

      For more information you can see and proposals :-) :