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    Minor code change causes complete WAR redeploy, how to fix i

    Steven Barkdull Newbie

      I am developing a jsp/servlet app using Eclipse 3.4.2 with the Web Tools Platform (JBoss Tools) and jboss 4.2.3.

      I have configured the JBoss server, in Eclipse, to "Never publish Automatically".

      After I have JBoss started from Eclipse's "Server View", if I change a file (a .jsp, .html, .js or .java), and tell Eclipse to publish the changes by right clicking on the server in the server view and selecting "publish", Eclipse (or JBoss Tools?) rebuilds the entire war, copies it down to JBoss's "server/default/deploy" directory, and then explodes the WAR.

      It seems it would be faster to simply copy the changed files down to the exploded WAR. I believe that this is exactly what Tomcat does when running inside of Eclipse / WTP, and file chages are lightening fast. Even with moderately sized apps, JBoss/Eclipse/JBoss Tools takes over a minute to redeploy a trivial change to an html file.

      Can anyone explain how to get JBoss to publish changes FAST like Tomcat/WTP?